The Sun, The Moon, The Dark, The Dawn

by Call Me Constant

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'The Sun, The Moon, The Dark, The Dawn' is the debut full length concept record by Call Me Constant.


released September 11, 2012

All music and lyrics by Stephen Mlinarcik
Arranged and performed by Call Me Constant
Recorded and Mixed by Terry Geer at The Apparatus
Mastered by Troy Glessner at Spectre Studio
Produced by Call Me Constant
Artwork by Valerie Mayen



all rights reserved
Track Name: The Sun
The Sun has scorched this barren land, turned my soil into sand.
I will not lie, withhold the truth; I have no water for your roots.
Track Name: The Cusp of the Crop, The Lay of the Land
I travel with this compass, with charts and maps to clear a path,
and still I cause my feet to fail, tempting grace and all it's wrath.
These endless choices and thundering voices of desires
that I won't receive on my own terms.

So try me in the morning, I'll have my courage then.
I'll be damned if I fall for this again.

I've failed you and your trust, these filthy hands are filled with dust.
But if the crop was at it's cusp, it still would never be enough.
So now I'm praying for the sun to recede,
a gift that I should not receive.
Track Name: Contradictory Anatomy
This head claims my heart is failing,
but really it just beats in time.
While this mouth says my heart is humble,
but this mouth has been known to lie.
And these hands deem their products worthy,
but my eyes see them fall apart.
And these feet would run from their failure,
but they're still connected to this heart.

Pull back the clouds! I pray you'll hear my plea.
Let my actions confirm all my beliefs.

These veins serve merely as channels
through which my organs are sustained.
And these nerves still act as reminders
when I subject myself to flame.

I've killed my saviors countless times,
cast you down and broken ties,
but still your mercy comes in tides
to drown my arrogance inside.
Track Name: The Moon
The Moon has fallen into place, bathes us in it's echoed grace.
I will not lie, the truth deny, the Sun is still your source of light.
Track Name: When Used is Boastful
Tie up these hands, has nothing good come of them?
All my efforts seem a wreck, but does that mean they're meaningless?

If my mind's straight but my heart's askew,
then my actions mean nothing to you.

Cut off this tongue, has not a good word fallen from
this vessel of language, this organ of speech?
When used is boastful, when silent is meek.

How dare I take such holy work and turn it into this awful mess.
For I'm a man and nothing more, you are God and nothing less.

If my mind's straight but my heart's askew,
then my actions mean nothing to you.
Nor should they touch the glory of
such endless patience and faultless love.
Track Name: When Silent is Meek
So do not look so cross! Let a smile be your umbrella.
Then all your worry's lost in the brilliance of it's sunlight.

And do not count it loss when you wander far from reason.
The lessons will be taught through our actions known as errors.
Track Name: The Dark
The Dark has come in it's due time, covers oceans, fields, and light.
I will not lie, the truth deny, it blankets what I wish to hide.
Track Name: Cities to the Sword
It is I who takes righteousness and casts it to the ground,
and the thought of living above reproach? I am sickened by the sound.
While I devour the homes of widows, all to my own gain.
These prayers are a performance from which humbleness abstains.

Shepherd I'm lost and afraid, but you know where I am.
Won't you come to save this wandering lamb?

It is here where sin dwells:

Inside this tattered cage that holds this ruptured heart.
If there was no such thing as grace you'd not come to save
but to tear me apart.
For he who lives by the sword will surely die by it too.
So with ego, pride, and selfishness I beg thee: Run me through.

What a wretch I have become,
defiled these gifts of heart and mind.
You love with such increasings sums,
that never fails to balance out my pride.

For when this chalice has been emptied,
and all it's contents have been poured,
we'll set your fields to the torches,
we'll put your cities to the sword.
Track Name: An Oath Can Be Amputated
Can one separate themselves from the body of the bride,
and still have a place reserved beneath the canopy of light?
For are we not still loved when we have gone astray,
and does not to question all things mean also to question
everything we're taught to obey?

Quick to the plunder and swift to the spoil,
instead of faith I trust in tears and in toil,
these outspread arms won't cover width or the breadth,
overflow these channels and rise to my neck.
My actions are endless, so are the mistakes,
and within the branches dawn and doom await,
God forgive me I know not what I do,
Oh! How I, oh! How I! I wish this were true!

Be silent before your maker...
but God, I long to scream I long to shout.
Be silent before your maker...
but God, sometimes in silence is where I find doubt.

If one is drawn to that which is not uniform,
what then is the cost of unlearning a practice that is empire born?
For when this machine starts waning and modulations don't enthrall,
our arms will no longer support its falling and failing feared facade.

I denounced doubt in the folly of youth,
but with age found out it's the doorway to truth,
'tween mattress and bed frame in unrest at twilight
I'll denounce the darkness, humbled in the light.
But this tongue is lies! My throat's an open grave,
a passage to dead things that should be enslaved.
So cut off these roots to prohibit my growth,
I'll sever the saplings and amputate oaths.

Be jubilant before your maker...
but God, I'm so tired, I'm so weak.
Be jubilant before your maker...
but God, do I not deserve to speak?

It's old, it's old, it's dying and it goes on and on and on.
It's old, it's old, it's dying and it drones on and on and on.

I waste away! I waste away! The treacherous betray!

Father how I fail you like a promise unfulfilled,
and yet within in your presence I still conjure up the will,
to demand of you an answer why your love does not resign,
and you look at me with sincerity, saying: "Child, you are mine."
Track Name: The Dawn
The Dawn has come to change the sky, melt away my withered pride.
I will not lie withhold the truth, I know I cannot hide from you.
Track Name: Peace Like a River, Love Like a Fountain
I refuse to praise the fleeting, put my hope in all mankind,
for the best of them will make mistakes and all of them will surely die.
All I have made for myself, I will continue to undo,
for what good is a creation if it was not made for you?

Brothers and sisters, I beseech you!
Clear your heads and hearts of hate!
For brothers aren't you sons of glory?
And sisters, aren't daughters of grace?
The problem is not our beliefs
and the problem is not who is right or wrong,
examine it at its simplest form: it's about how unwilling we are to love.

Show me peace that's like a river, rippling with the ebb and flow
of currents never touched by man, his filthy hands and crooked boats.

By faith we see, by truth we're freed,
by love we will perform such holy deeds.
And to our backs we strap the mast,
our bodies vessels oh so faithfully cast.

I've heard of the God of the house of Jacob,
that grace and peace reside with Him,
let us walk in the light of Lord,
for He's abolished all our sin.

I felt the wind against my face, and then the trembling ground,
I saw the flames, but not you there. You were residing in the sound.
I gave you half and was content, you were not and took the whole,
ransom me 'til I declare that it is well with my soul.