In Here is the Center, In Here it is Clear

by Call Me Constant

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Debut EP released in the summer of 2009 to critical acclaim. Littered with passion, aggression, and references both historical and cinematic!


released June 8, 2009

All lyrics and music by Stephen Mlinarcik.
Arranged and Performed by Call Me Constant.
Recorded by Neil Zaza and Tyler Owen.
Mixed and Mastered by Terry Geer.



all rights reserved
Track Name: A Russian Winter
What we have gathered here let no man tear asunder,
avoid initial thoughts to pillage and to plunder,
and feel free to simply lay your arms to rest,
it's safe to say it's going peacefully at best.
But after union you insist on independence,
forgetting that your actions will bear consequences,
regardless of the warning still you sail away,
but who will serve as anchor when bombarded by the waves?

It's never too late...
To turn back when you're lost...
It's never too late...
To grip the albatross...

It's more than symbolism when it stands for sacrifice,
His words will serve as substance when the silence won't suffice.

The shore has faded from your once awakened past,
the dark horizons stretch beyond the crooked mast,
your stand is adamant, position stays the same,
the sky will tremble as the depths call out your name.
Behold, the thunder has such sobering effect,
it doubly humbles you and leaves you so bereft,
the rain descends upon your slowly failing craft,
the broken bow, the towel thrown, the cry for help at last.
Track Name: Aronofsky
We could let our words sink us to the depths,
or we could hold our tongues and savor every breath.
We could shut our eyes and say that hope does not exist,
but the light above shines bright and shows the way from our abyss.

Take your risks, take your stands,
take no precaution, die by your hands.

Complication's not involved, take the blame or take the fall.
Consequence, it is the price for not thinking twice.

We could go back to the start and relive our regrets,
watching dire memories as we trace every step.
We could turn our back on sin, continue where we left,
slowly making progress while wondering what's next.

Doubt comes easy when faith is poor,
but you're more than worth fighting for.
Grab this line and hold it taught,
don't let our efforts go all for naught.
Track Name: An Evening in Question
The room divides through conversation,
glowing bulbs bring scattered light,
music slowly sets the mood,
the eyes that shine are colored blue.
The imprints are left on the carpet,
the feet move slowly, with precision.
Her body moves; scope and sequence.
Breathing escalates, her touch is frequent.

The eye that winks, the lips that smile,
the hand that motions, "stay awhile..."
The cheeks that blush, the voice that calls,
the sweet nothings that tempt my fall.

The walk into the room that's lonely,
slowly, softly, shut the door,
my second thoughts meet her intentions,
skin on skin dulls my prevention.
Mark me as a failed attempt,
my conscience finally came around,
your body's close, your grasp is tight,
but to push away never felt so right.

The hands release, the back that turns,
the tears that cease the eyes from burns.
The light that dances on these walls,
the being no longer tempts my fall.

Disappear behind the door, I am passive no more.
Track Name: Fidus Achates
The night will cease with mornings light,
the dawn will break and bring new life,
the sun will rise, steadfast, secure,
my hope in You will rest assured.

And yet I find the time to doubt,
Your perfect plan, unblemished route,
mistakes are made, the truth be told,
my error found, come make me whole.

Your heartbeat is the metronome
that is consistent and alone.
It keeps the pace to call me home
cast aside sin now that I know.

And all this time I don't deserve
the forgiveness that is the cure,
but You persist and I receive,
such grace should not be saved for me.

Your heartbeat is the metronome
that is consistent and alone.
It keeps the pace to call me home
cast aside sin now that I know.
I'll cry to You and keep the fight
undying beacon in the night.
I'm running towards your brilliant light
weather the storm and trust Your might.

You love me more than I know, these words are true though said before.

And I lift my voice...Hallelujah!

This is all I have to give, and it's never quite enough,
but You're grateful just the same, I should not start giving up.
This is all I have to give, and I know it's not enough,
but You'll take it either way, definition: This is Love.