by Call Me Constant

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Coming together after several shows in 2011, the fearsome foursome Don Dehlia proposed a conjugal release with the prog-minded quartet Call Me Constant. What you're listening to is the result: Fifteen minutes of unabashed musical prowess that showcases each groups ability of owning their craft.


released January 5, 2012

Recorded by Jordan Haynes at Earlygrace Studio & Terry Geer at Apparatus Productions.

Mixed and mastered by Jordan Haynes.



all rights reserved
Track Name: Chiaroscuro
I thought I had you bested, sometimes I think I still do.
But my being's being swallowed whole,
proof I've never reached past your shoes.
Cracked and chapped is the descent into the pit that's bitter yet,
like the tongue that's ever dry; too proud to speak and quell regret.

There's no echo greater than when I cease to speak.

But when I cry for justice, You dole out compassion.
Cause there's a symmetry that's accurate when studying your actions.
For though I may love what I love, find beauty in things man befalls,
my limits still ignite my anger when Your wish is to redeem us all.

Oh, there's no echo greater than when I cease to speak.

For doors swing wide when humbly knocked.
And when they're meek, hearts grow crops.

and yet...
I've fought for every inch I've gained,
denied the gift that bears Your name,
tarried on to bury blame,
but you take pride in my works even when they're astray.

Therein lies the lesson and the purpose of compassion:
When lungs are sapped of their supply and limbs are growing faint.

In the blood of the martyr is the seed of saint.